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hi - thankyou but i tried various; i did 1 hour and there was no improvement, then 5, then 8 - he improved at 8 but still wasnt enough to get him through founder and ready for the exercise he depsterately needed. I then did 12 hr with a water change (on the day one obviously as im not going to sit up all night) and then rinsing throughly twice. I was just concerned that despite all of this if all i could get was rye hay or greener ;eafier hay; this would create a problem and with this founder pony; i am for all the world - heading out the other side. Now doing an hour of work (ponying) 6 times a week or 3 times with increasing intensity groundwork/online stuff slowly introducing trot. the 'ponying' includes differnt terrain including tarmac but not w#quite stones yet as he tells me he isnt ready.

what are your oppinions on rye and colour of hay if this is all i can get hold of whilst my hay is growing to be cut? I will of course analyse then but pointless now. I am analysis grass soon also and wondered if i cut all the way along the 'W' or just at points?

Rachel (mickey and Rory - rory history coming soon)
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Hi Rachel,
We recommend soaking hay for 1 hour in cold water, or 1/2 hour in hot water.

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