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I dont know how to reply like you have so i'll just list my answers here;
a rough history is done its 'mickey.doc' im not sure how to link it
i tried for about 3 months butyes i agree about that time period being alot to do with 'time needed'

i have since tried 5hrs instead of our normal routine and this caused some footy/squity problems.

however 12 hrs suits my routine with them this is really not the problem; the problem is my fear of colour.

yes his feet have now completely grown out bar about 2mmm of detached wall; since he foundered on all 4 feet the back 2 still have about 1 inch of wall to grow down.

thankyou - ive just had another delivery of 10 bales of greener than i would like hay and im desperately trying to source some yellow stalkier stuff is this necessary?

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Hi Rachel,

i did 1 hour and there was no improvement, then 5, then 8 - he improved at 8
Can you give us a time line?
For how many meals did you try soaking(draining) your hay for an hour?
What improvements did you see as soon as you began soaking at 8 hours?
Is it certain the improvements were from the 8 hour soaks? Or could they have been that enough 'soaking' days had gone by to allow the improvements to happen?
I'm asking because usually there is nothing to be gained by soaking longer than an hour.

Sorry for all the questions, but the devil is often in the details.

but still wasnt enough to get him through founder and ready for the exercise he depsterately needed.
By this you mean he was still very uncomfortable,even with the soaking?
What else were you doing to help him at this time?

I then did 12 hr with a water change (on the day one obviously as im not going to sit up all night) and then rinsing throughly twice.
For how many meals did you do this?
What improvements,if any,did you notice?

Now doing an hour of work
I've managed to get myself lost here. Do you mean that the above was all in the past,then, and that he is sound now,except going over stones?
He has had enough time to grown new feet after foundering?

what are your oppinions on rye
Rye has the potential to be high in sugar and not recommended.

It will be really helpful to see your case history as soon as you have time to get it done.*

Hang in and we'll get this sorted out.


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