Re: HELP please?? greener hay - am i heading for trouble?

Lorna <briars@...>

Hi Rachel,

I looked for your file in Case History 5, but couldn't find it.Can you tell us where you put it?

I'm afraid there is just mo way to know how appropriate your hay is by looking at it.It needs to be tested.

Failing that,as Dr. Kellon has said,it needs to be soaked(be sure the soak water is drained away where he can't get at it).
I would not soak for as long as 12 hours myself.

i have since tried 5hrs instead of our normal routine and this caused some footy/squity problems.
Is that the only change made at that time? No changes in weather,turnout,etc?
What is 'squity' ?

Ok, so let us know where you posted your case history.
And when you reply please add the date you joined the group to your signature,ok?

We ask everyone to delete the message they are replying to before hitting Send.This makes it everso much more pleasant for people who are reading the Digest format.Otherwise they have to scroll and scroll through all the repeated text before they can get to a new message.
It also makes it easier for people helping .

We'll get there.

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