Re: Please advise w/Sabrina


Thanks, Lorna and Nancy. We've been down this road before, but never so severely.

Nancy, you're absolutely correct - 2010 hay. The truckload we managed to buy this past season tested OK in protein, etc., but higher in sugar/starch. Then it turned out even our cow won't eat it. Expensive bedding for the cow. We've been trying to meet up w/a man with supposedly low s/s prairie grass for several months, but he's out of town on weekends. Is prairie grass an OK hay in general?

No, we weren't using boots with our barefoot trimmers. Stopped using them as soon as she was sound. Like I said, she hasn't been this bad since maybe the first time in '06.

This AM she not only didn't want to stand, she was lying out flat and didn't even pick her head up much. It killed us, but we left her and her breakfast and came in to get hubby off to work. He ran out 20 min. later to peek, and she was up, eating her soaked ODTB breakfast. We didn't see her walk. Wondered if the extreme symptoms could be reaction to her first dose of J-herb that she got last night?

OT, but I'll only be able to check in intermittently because my computer got a virus yesterday PM and is totally frozen. Have to get to another PC to get online.

Just checked her again-one hour after hubby did. She's cleaned up her cubes and is munching hay. Still haven't seen how she's walking but last night was clump, clump.

Thanks again.

Gayle and Sabrina
Fairview, TN

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