Re: Please advise w/Sabrina

Pamela Bramell

Gayle, not a guru here, just been through a very long time (18 months) of seeing my pony lay down most of the time. I just want to give you some moral support!!! :) Just stop and slow down for a few minutes - it used to help me to just go hang out with Buttercup. You have so much stuff on your plate right now the forest and the trees are all one. If you can find a way to just step back for a few minutes and take a deep breath perhaps the fog will clear a bit for you. Perhaps you can take a pen and paper and put down what you are doing and write in another column what the gurus are telling you to do. Then maybe you can see what needs to be adjusted. I am one to tell you that the smallest detail that doesn't really seem such a big deal can be the key to the unlock everything. Please take a cup of tea or a bath or time to read a magazine and remove yourself from the situation. It's so hard to see what's going on when you are in the thick of it. Please hang in. I can tell you that it was worth every single bit of crazy, intense work to see my Butters gallop across the paddock last week. You are strong because you are dealing with a lot and still sane. I know you can do this! The horses (and ponies) are very resiliant (spelling). You would be surprised how well they can rally back.
Can your phone take pix of the hooves? Anything would be a good start right now on that front. It just may be the trim as Nancy suggested.

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