Re: Please advise w/Sabrina

Nancy C

Hi Gayle

Unfortunately you just won't know about the prairie grass until you test. It may be okay, but it also might not be. If you can get a sample to run off an ESC and Starch before buying that's the best scenario. It's not always doable.

The jherb should make her feel better when you reach the right dose. Are you checking her gums to see if they are more pink? It will have less of a positive effect if the trim is not right.

Privately sent you two names of trimmers last night. Let me know if you didn't get them.

I know how hard this is to watch but take heart in the fact that she is eating and drinking well (right?) and pooping. It's sound easy for volunteers to throw out the list of things you need to do but we've all been right where you are. Pam's post is right on. Make a cup of tea and make her list and then take it one bite at a time. You've made good headway on the road to putting more diet things in place.

Go out and give Sabrina a hug. And keep breathing.

Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003


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Just checked her again-one hour after hubby did. She's cleaned up her cubes and is munching hay. Still haven't seen how she's walking but last night was clump, clump.

Thanks again.

Gayle and Sabrina
Fairview, TN

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