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Previcox and Equioxx are the same thing... Firocoxib.


This may be OT but I know a lot of us need an occasional NSAID for some reason.

Previcox and Equioxx are not the same thing. The active ingredient is the same--firocoxib--but the Equioxx is in a paste formulation, and the Previcox is a tablet. That makes them different.

And while that difference is immaterial for many of our four-footed friends, it makes a difference in some. An 'internet friend' recently switched her horse from Equioxx to Previcox to save money, and wound up with severe oral ulcers from just two doses (quartered 227 mg tab for an 1100-pound horse) She has since switched back to the paste and has had no further problems.

I understand the desire to save money! I hope someone has a great suggestion for the OP for pain relief for ringbone in a Cushings/IR horse.

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