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Kathy Brinkerhoff

Hi Rose,

I am, also, a member of ABC Hoof and I have never seen any diet recommendations by Cheryl. I traded an email with her last week regarding this topic when I had concerns regarding a poster who is recommending a diet protocol that is 180 degrees from what is recommended for an IR, PPID or compromised horse. Cheryl said she focuses on the hoof trimming posts and doesn't have time to read the nutrition posts.

I agree that Cheryl has put a lot of energy into helping horses with compromised hooves. I am familiar with her trimming gurus/teachers. I attended seminars by the same teachers. I, also, know that one needs to have strong education in hoof anatomy to understand when and when not to implement the hoof trimming suggestions on the ABC Board. Cheryl strongly recommends attending her trimming clinics to learn how to trim, hoof anatomy, practice on cadavers and to trim a live horse in a supervised environment under the guidance of a qualified instructor.

The case study you posted is are a gifted trimmer. I would strongly suggest that you start by reading the nutrition advice here in the files and if you have the chance consider signing up for Dr. Kellon's NRC Plus Course. The information you can learn here will be a huge asset to your clients and more importantly to the horse.


Kathy Brinkerhoff

SE/WI 2007

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This group is not like that, no agendas, or pushing products. I belong to this group. They want what is best for the horse and that includes diet. Cheryl has done some amazing research and has treated foundered feet when no one else would.

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