Re: Sugar's Blood Work

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Hi, Laura -

With an ACTH of 14.5 at this time of year (or any time, with a PPID horse - different for non-PPID), I would increase her pergolide. She is on one mg now? Go up to at least 1.5, but do it in .25 mg increments. As Lavinia says, be super tight with her diet.

Many Cushings horses don't have the long coat - that actually tends to be a late sign in the condition, but it is the one that everyone knows about! The ACTH tells the tale.

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I have a 13 year old Fjord horse mare who is perfect weight and does not have a long coat. She has been diagnosed with Cushing's by the vet. The only symptoms she has is reoccurring laminitis, fat pockets over her eyes, and warm feet.
ACTH result is 14.5 and her insulin is 270. She was not tested for anything else

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