Re: For trimming help

Kathy Brinkerhoff

Hi Debora,

I didn't mean to imply that there were *gurus* at ABC. I was referring to Cheryl's own hoof education.....Martha O. was considered somewhat of a hoof *guru* or mentor....on second thought, guru is an overstatement on my part. :-)

I misunderstood and am glad to read that Rose is not advocating diet advice from the ABC Hoof Board. Thank you for clearing that up for me.


Kathy Brinkerhoff

SE/WI 2007

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I don't think Rose was advocating the ABC group for diet advice. (Rose and I were both at OSNCH for the same session a few years ago) educational information.

BTW, there are no "Guru's" at ABC, just instructors and professional references.

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