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Kathy Brinkerhoff

Hi Jennifer,

Boards have owners and moderators who set the policies. I wanted to be respectful of this before I entered into an on-going discussion of nutrition on a hoof trimming focused board.

Based on my previous discussions with vendors/users of vitamin regimens, etc. it turns into a discussion which can sometimes (most times) confuse members and often gets heated. I contacted Cheryl privately to ask her the guidelines for nutrition/diet advice, etc. I understand and respect that Cheryl's primary focus is hooves. Cheryl advised me that if I didn't agree with a poster's nutritional advice or pitch to just not open his/her emails. This solution doesn't work for me. After this email, I confirmed what I was observing that in fact there is no policy on nutrition is open season.

It would have saved time and there would have been a lot less confusion if the owner would have come forward immediately and independently and advised those board members that she was on the EC/IR diet and was not interested in *diet* advice. Without this knowledge and in an effort to helpful members offered all kinds of advice and hence came the EC/IR diet contraindications.

Kathy Brinkerhoff

SE/WI 2007

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The members should speak up in these cases. I lurk there and did speak up, when a member who is also on this list got recommendations regarding diet that contradicted those recommended here.
The list member in any case does stick to this list's diet recommendations anyway. :D

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