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Hi, Sandi -

Need to also mention that alfalfa makes some horses sore; and also that high protein could cause an increase in insulin. Can't find the right messages at the moment, but here is an excerpt from one of Dr. Kellon's posts, followed by the link to the thread:

"That said, we've had some owners report their horses got foot sore on a high protein hay, or crestier. That wouldn't be related to urea."<<<<<<

So, in tightening up the diet, reducing alfalfa and protein might be a consideration (just what you need to hear, I know!)

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This pony is at stable weight, active and cheerful, really doesn't drink much she is on soaked hay and drinks around 4 gallons/ day. She sweats appropriately after work. I would not suspect she was in trouble to look at her. the Cushings seems to be controlled. Her feet are cold with no pulses and she is shedding for the first time in years. Could the pergolide dose be to high? we moved her up in November from 1 mg to 1.5 mg/ day.

Thank you for your input.

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this is the link to our history including her current diet.

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