Locket Girl

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I am sorry, I haven't really used this chat space before so I am a bit clueless. I have just uploaded Locket's x-rays taken yesterday to a folder called Locketgirl. I see they are listed alphabetically.
Locket, has no signs of Cushings, she has had no blood tests as I have only access to one vet and they didn't think it necessary. She was recovering beautifully after diagnosis April 2011. Something has happened since then. It is probably diet so I am now really putting the screws on so to speak. She is very mobile, noy laying down and looks happy enough, but x-rays show more rotation than previous x-rays 12 months ago. I cannot upload them as they were beofer the new digital system the vet uses. The only negative signs are stiffness after exercise but she is only usually lightly ridden. I would love some assistance with trimming and what to do next.
Sarah Lilburne
Quilpie Far Western Queensland

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