Re: Help Please, I am New to Site- Have Laminitic Gelding

Nancy C

Hi Linda

Just want to say welcome. You are in the right place. You've made a good start with the changes you've instituted.

You should hear shortly from one of the "first responders' who will walk you through the approach this group has found most successful.

Thanks so much or doing your Case History and providing your blood work. While the insulin values are within normal lab limits, Roo is IR as of this test.

Roo needs to stay off grass until his insulin is normalized and the IR is brought under control.

Here's a couple of things to get you started:

Did you receive a NEW MEMBER packet upon joining? It may be in your yahoo mail box. The one you had to set up to get here. There's lots of info there, including what to do for now about Roo's diet. IF you can't find it, go here


Look for the Emergency diet.

Here's the link to the IR Calculator that will show you why he's IR.


Because his glucose was 66 - lower than lab normals, I'd be concerned that perhaps the blood sat around a bit too long. I'd call teh vet and ask about that value.

Also take a look at

Hang in there. Way too much info will be coming your way in a short amount of time and it can give you a brain cramp. Take heart. You are in the right place.

Again, welcome

Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003


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My name is Linda House -Tuscaloosa Alabama. I just uploaded Case History & Blood Test results on my 15 year old TWH gelding at

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