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My 5 yr old gelding has recently foundered and the vet is assuming he's IR as we cannot test for it until he's better. He has always been "portly"
In 2008 I took Dr. Kellon's Nutrition class and learned a whole lot so I know there will be a ton of information here. I know the road to recovery will be long and frustrating but I am determined to do all I can.
Hi Judy,
Sorry that your boy has foundered but with your determination he will certainly come around. Just to add to Susan's welcome and intro to you, Morgan's are one of the poster children for IR. This is not a disease but a type of metabolism - these guys tend to be super efficient at extracting every last bit of nourishment from anything they eat. Add that to us tending to feed more than enough and exercise less that needed and the result is laminitis and founder.
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