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My pony is a Shetland & therefore not eligible. I would be reluctant to change anything at the moment as he is so stable.
Diane Witherspoon

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BACKGROUND: CocoSoya oil is a very aromatic blend of soy and coconut oils that usually works beautifully for fussy eaters. It's also much lower in omega-6 than other vegetable oils.

Because of concerns about the effects of fat on IR and omega-6 on inflammation we have been avoiding using it, but Uckele (where I'm now an advisor) has offered to do a test on the effects of small amounts in IR horses.

CANDIDATES: This trial is for full size horses only. Candidates must be proven IR by lab work and have at least an insulin level available "pre" the trial that was done after any changes in diet/management. In other words, if you have confirming blood work but made diet or exercise changes after that, we can't use that blood work.

Actively laminitic horses are not eligible.

Horses that do not have PPID are preferred but PPID horses will be considered if stable.

TRIAL: CocoSoya will be provided by Uckele and they will pay for repeat blood work after the trial. Supplementation period will be 2 months.

No changes in diet (other than hay), exercise or medications is permitted during the trial.

Anyone interested contact me personally at drkellon "at"

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