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Thank you so much for your quick reply. I just removed the .docx test results and uploaded as .doc. I believe you can open them now.

My confusion is why Vet (and BO) don't think my horse has IR. I feel as if I am living in 2 worlds...the one at barn where a little laminitis isn't considered a big deal vs. the wider world accessed through this site and reasearch studies which show laminitis IS a big deal and can be caused by IR.

I wish I could tell you how much "discourse" it took to get my Vet to do the blood work according to protocol(thus 2 sets of tests). Vet believed I was "chasing" a "popular" diagnosis. He feels the test results rule out both PPID and IR. Note: Roo is now somewhat thin and the crest is quite reduced but still visible.

Just prior to the April laminitis I transitioned Roo to Triple Crown Lite (thanks to prompting from my barefoot trimmer). He is getting 3/4 of a "scoop" twice/day (I think the scoop is almost 3 lbs). I will weigh it soon and report back.

Delayed having hay tested last Fall because the BO seemed to take offense when I talked to him about it. Kicking myself now obviously. Can't get a probe til next Tuesday from Ext Agent. Don't know how I can soak hay due to Boarding and work long prior to feeding can this be safely done? I am already pre-filling haynets for BO so all he has to do is hand them. Should I just purchase the "safe forage " for him to replace hay until i'm sure?

I can begin the supplements immediately.

Please advise. I am crushed that I might not be able to ride him for many is killing me to think this is due to my own negligence. I should have begun the protocol prior to Spring. But he lost all the extra weight and seemed healthy and I was riding him barefoot Dec- March.

Please advise what you think about his test results...the Cornell test "seems" negative for PPID and IR.

Linda House for Roo
Alabama 2012

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Hi Linda,
Welcome to the group. You're about to enter a new chapter on equine
nutrition and management. You'll watch Roo improve daily with the protocol
that has been designed by Dr. Kellon. The list philosophy is DDT/E.

Since Roo in an easy keeper TWH and laminitic on spring grass ~ you should
start him on the Temporary Emergency Diet now. Pull him off pasture
immediately! Your vet was right about spring grass. Roo most likely is IR
so you need to feed him as if he was. Wont hurt if he's not. WILL help if
he is! He's at the age where Cushings could be involved so you'll need to
get an eACTH test before the end of August for a DIAGNOSIS.

I could not open your Case History docs but I did get the questionnaire to
open. Nancy said your bloodwork states he's IR. IR is managed by DIET.
By removing him from pasture (full of sugar) and feeding him a low
sugar/starch/fat meal with his hay soaked and drained will make a huge
improvement in him. We aim for 10% or less sugar/starch a day. The ER
diet is exactly what he needs. The ER minerals can be purchased at any
drugstore. Vitamin E, loose iodized table salt, magnesium and flax seed.
This is Temporary until you get your hay analyzed and the minerals balanced
to that assay. Feed him 1.5% his body weight a day in hay ~ weigh it dry.
Feed at least 4 small meals a day in small mesh hay nets (use them for
soaking and slowing down his eating) so he has some food going through his
system. Do NOT starve him! What low carb feed are you giving him? Is it
under 10% s/s/f? Read the Start Here file for details. Send your hay
sample to #603/$49.

TRIM is a balanced foot with toes backed from the top and heels lowered. IF
he's barefoot you can get boots/pads for him. Trimming should be done as
often as weekly to every 2 or 3 weeks.

EXERCISE is hand walking only if he's able. Never force a laminitic horse
to move. Also ~ when he starts feeling better you want him quiet! and not
bucking around. It takes time for hooves to heal. Many horses need to
grow out a complete hoof (about one year) before they are 'released' to ride
or continue their work load.

We know the information here is overwhelming. It will get easier for you!
Please ask questions as they pop up. Start a journal on Roo with pictures
too. Knock yourself out in the files. And take a deep breath for yourself.
You arent alone!

Mandy in VA
EC Primary Response
OCT 2003

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