Re: Safe to Muzzle?



Pick a day/time when you can be around to watch and supervise to make sure your horse can't get the muzzle off, as mine have been super devious over the years. I also would caution you about the "few nibbles." I'd tape the muzzle hole shut, and if you have the woven kind, making sure your horse can't grab those nibbles from between the webbing. The reason I mention this is that my IR/PPID gelding has an extremely tight/controlled diet (and well controlled PPID,) with only the exception of a few nibbles of grass that grow along his dry lot, and his insulin number came back in the 200s yesterday.....just from a few nibbles.

Good luck and hope your horse enjoys the muzzle time roving around!

Kim & CG
Winter 2005
New Hill NC

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How do you know when it is safe to let your horse out of the dry lot
with a muzzle on & perhaps get a few nibbles?

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