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I am wondering if I should participate.

I participated in this study because I believe in supporting anything that even hints at IR/Cushings/EMS/laminitis research. I do not care if studies are perfectly designed or not, and I don't care if there is any personal benefit for me--I will participate if I can!

That being said, if you are looking to benefit personally from this project, it might not fit your needs. I definitely passed on the OGT test, and I did not get info from the hay testing that I did not already have from Equi Analytical. One benefit for me was that I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my 13-year-old IR gelding was showing no signs of increased ACTH, even in the fall. But interestingly, his non-IR half sibling's value was creeping up a bit--and guess what? She is not shedding well this year!

I am hoping that this project gets a lot of press when it is done so that it will be one more opportunity to keep horse owners talking and asking questions about IR/Cushings/laminitis prevention. I have become somewhat of a missionary on the topic, and I use my gelding as a living, breathing visual aid to demonstrate the 'warning signs' for horse owners. My iPhone has a few pictures of my kids--all the rest are pics of horse hooves, radiographs, cresty necks, supraorbital fat pads, etc.

I'll bet a lot of you ECIR folks are nodding your heads!

Lisa in TX
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June 2010

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