Re: Dr. Kellon and/or other IR experts--please advise


You're not going to learn anything new in terms of whether or not your horse is IR, except whether or not he tests positive when fasted, but Dr. McCue's portion is to look for a genetic component. You could contribute to that.
I don't know how risky the Karo challenge is, but the risk is not zero.

Thanks for the info, Dr. Kellon.  I ema iled them a few questions this morning and am waiting on a reply.  I am not too keen on the idea of fasting my horses overnight.  They are never locked up in a stall and that's the only way I could keep them NPO overnight.  I would like to contribute, but not if it involves stressing my horses out--even it is only overnight.  If I do participate, I will opt out of the OGTT.  T hanks again

Maggie and Chancey in VA
March 2011

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