Re: Help Please, I am New to Site- Have Laminitic Gelding


it is killing me to think this is due to my own negligence


Like Dr. Kellon said, try not to be so hard on yourself.  Many, ma ny of the folks on this list were where you are now (including me), so we know the feeling.  Don't waste your energy on regrets, because you' re going to need that energy in managing your  new way of li fe with Roo.  Just wanted to send you some encouragement, because I know how bad I felt when Chancey first got laminitis.  It took me 4 years and many more laminitis episodes before I found this group.  I had made many changes in his management, but never had enough info to do it completely right and prevent him from getting laminitis again and again. Because of Dr. Kellon and the many other experts and the support and knowledge I have gotten here, I am confident that Chancey's laminitis days are over (even tho my vet told me it's not a matter of "if" he will founder again, it's a matter of "when").  Hang in there!

Maggie and Chancey in VA
March 2011

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