Re: Help Please, I am New to Site- Have Laminitic Gelding

Mandy Woods

Where were we?
I cannot explain why some barn owners and vets are threatened by their lack of knowledge about IR. Believe me just about half the list members have gone through this! The ego is fragile so you must find a way either by humor or begging them to help you! I have changed vets numerous times. Some of them have now gotten ''in to'' IR. Farriers are just as bad if not worse! You will probably learn how to trim yourself. My only suggestion is to be diplomatic (not my strong suit!) because you dont want to burn any bridges. Show them the science we use, ask to test the hay and show the barn owner the analysis, so he sees exactly what he's feeding. You may end up changing barns, vets and farriers. Its done all the time. You should talk to Mr. Frizzer's people!

On feeding Triple Crown Lite. We dont recommend a large serving of it. Its very condensed minerally. It would be better if you switched to ODTB cubes exclusively especially if you cant soak untested hay. If you can affort this product - its $20 a bag in VA and that would probably last you 3 days - its easy to feed. Just get a kitchen counter scale and measure out 5#s into an individual bag or container. See if you can get a barn person to drop feed in his stall or drylot 3 times a day. Then when you visit in the evening you could take him a presoaked flake of hay from home. Some boarders rent a space at their barn to store their specially bought hay, or keep it at home and hand deliver each day. I carried 5 bales of my low s/s hay to the barn I boarded at with the minerals premixed and put in sandwich baggies to feed my mare for a month. Point is ~ it can be done if you get creative. You may have to 'tip' the barn help!

Do what you can. You are just one person. I'm going to send the IR calculator so you can plug in your numbers. Go ahead and show it to your vet! Did you find the VPI proxie papers that Dr. K mentioned? Thats the place to start.

Dont feel bad about not riding Roo. You can continue his training by hand walking all over Alabama! Teach him to back, disengage both front and back end and in general send him to cowboy school! You can have as much fun on the ground as onboard. Its the quality of time you spend........ And DO NOT beat yourself up. How were you to know?

Linda, you have joined a very exclusive group of equestrians so open your self up to the new way of horse management! People will be calling you asking YOU for help! So be strong!

Mandy in VA
EC Primary Response
OCT 2003

ps: please delete all previous posts that you respond to. Also, sign your name, state, date of joining and always include the link to Roos Case History. Cut and paste everything to an email to yourself to use.

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