Re: Help Please, I am New to Site- Have Laminitic Gelding

Hi Linda. I am relatively new to the group also, but I can tell you the information here has been the difference between life and death for my horse. DON'T WAIT TO GET A CORER TO HAVE THE HAY TESTED. Equine Analytical told me to just make sure I got a good sample. The test is only $25.00 (little more than the cost of a bag of ODTBC) and you get the results back within a week. I am now testing hay just for fun. I bought some timothy the other day and it was over 13% sugar/starch. My last load of Orchard Alfalfa was only 8% s/s. Orchard grass and Timothy grass are erroneously believed to be safe to feed and alfalfa is villainized. In reality, they are too rich for most IR horses. You can't tell from looking or smelling a hay how much sugar it has. Although I noticed the meadow grass I just bought smelled sweet. The test results should be interesting because the supplier told me he sold the hay to UC Davis in California specifically to feed to their IR horses. I also watch to see how my horse feet respond to the hay. His feet tell me if the s/s is to high because he will get soreness or inflammation or both. There is a direct correlation between high insulin levels and inflammation. I don't know how to describe it inexact biochemical pathway terms but I am sure Dr. Kellon can! My horse Sparky went from grade 4 lameness to grade 1 or 2 and is almost ride-able. Some days are better than others. He goes up and down but the general direction is up!

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