Re: Safe to Muzzle?

Kerry <kerry@...>

This isn't a specific answer to your question but a different solution. I too struggled with my pony not being able to move around much in the dry lot (b/c it is small). Last year I actually bought 2 muzzles, one slightly smaller than the other (a different brand). Then I put both muzzles on him, one inside the other. I actually wanted him to not get any grass so I even put a plastic cup lid in between and that worked like a charm. I always felt bad leaving him overnight without any food at all so this year I have removed the plastic lid - with the two muzzles there is about a 1 inch gap between which is an extra inch away from the ground so he can still get little pieces of grass. I have not had any problems at all this year (and I feel better) but I am watching him closely.

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