Re: Tully-17 year old Australian Stock Horse


Hi everyone,

Vets rang me with Tully's results yesterday; he said her Insulin
levels are on the high side, but still within the normal range. (He said
anything above 30 is considered IR, and Tully was 29).

Her glucose levels however, were too high. He said that under 5 point
something is normal, and Tully was 6.

I am rather confused as to what that actually means for her. Vet wants
to do the same test again but in the afternoon instead of the morning,
just to make sure it's accurate.

He also mentioned another test we could do, involving putting a catheter
in the night before, then the next morning injecting with (glucose, I
think?) and taking a series of blood samples. It sounded very
complicated and he mentioned the risk of hypoglycaemia, which rather
scared me off the whole idea.

My vets have ordered 100 x 4mg Pergolide capsules for me, so Tully will
be getting and accurate dose soon.

Interestingly, my vet told the compounding company my concerns about
the liquid pergolides stability and shelf life, and they said they have
done tests, and the liquid is good for over 6 months, they said by 12
months it loses about 10% of its effectiveness. But I am putting Tully
on the capsules anyway, just to be sure.

I do have a question though, if the liquid pergolide she's been
getting 4mls of was degraded, is there a risk in putting her straight on
4mg in the capsule form? I mean, if she may have been getting only 1 or
2 mg of actual pergolide out of the 4mls of liquid solution, 4mg could
be quite a jump up in dose.

I have only spoken to the vets over the phone about her bloods, so
don't have the results in my hands, but will get vets the send them
to me.

Many thanks,

Asha Billing.
Dandenongs, Vic. Australia.
Joined, 18th April 2012.

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