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Hi Karen - you could try James Hart or Hira Herbs who may have something suitable. If I were you I would just start him on Pergolide anyway if your vet agrees. I mucked around with my boy for too long with various herbal treatments (hugely expensive) and I could have saved him and me a lot of heartache if we'd gone straight to Pergolide when we first suspected Cushings when he was 18. Kingi is 22 and doing well. Out of interest, my vet clinic told me they cannot do an ACTH test here, that blood would have to be sent to Australia. That was about 4 years ago so the situation has probably changed - do you happen to know what lab your vet clinic uses here in NZ? I manage Kingi's dosage based on obvious symptoms - he is currently on 2mg (Feb/Jul) then we drop back gradually to 1mg for spring and summer. Also my vet clinic was going to charge approx $9.00 per 1mg for Pergolide! It is cheaper to get them to write a prescription to your local pharmacy (Pergolide is still licenced here for human use) but shop around because the prices vary between $2.20 to $3.50 per 1mg.
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Hi everyone.

Can anyone tell me where I can purchase adaptogens down-under?

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