SoCal members, comparing tests of Integrity


Hi Group,

A couple of years ago, my picky horse started rejecting Triple Crown Lite as a taste tempter for BP and minerals. Star Milling in Perris, California had samples of their products in one pound bags at my feed store. The company emailed the Equi-Analytical tests they had done on all their feeds. I chose Integrity Low Starch (Lite) no molasses and it works great. The test was impressive and I have used their figures in my worksheets. I recently sent off another sample from my open bag, two years later. The test results were very similar, actually a bit better, and the horses still love it.

I plan to write the company and thank them for their consistency. Just posted both tests on my history page.

Given the recent chatter about other feeds changing, at least this company is being true to it's original formula.

Carol, Casey, and Jesse too
Yucaipa, CA
May 2009

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