COPD hlep

Joyce/K-J Hollow Andalusians

I am waiting for my ACHT and IR results on my mare (not shedding winter
coat), I thought I would ask the group what they would suggest for COPD.

She has had it for about 5 years, and as each summer goes by (seasonal,
winter she is fine) it gets a bit worse. I soak her hay, have her on
anithist & albuteral tabs 2 x's a day, but dex is the only thing that gets
it under control and stays there. Tried Spirulina but she won't eat it.

So I had to take her off of dex to be tested, and now we are in hot weather
with some smoke coming in from the CO fires (hazy) as well.

In chatting off line chondroitin was suggested to me. Never heard of that
for COPD. Does anyone know how much, and how often?

If she is confirmed Cushing's then dex will no longer be an option. so any
suggestions would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance!


MN, Feb 2006

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