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Joyce/K-J Hollow Andalusians

My thought is being on Dex for so long, that is why she has retained some of her winter coat?

Please explain what you mean by "compensated IR" I have no outward signs of IR. No cresty neck, no pillows over the eye, no lumpy around the butt, and no founder. She has COPD, and has not lost all of her winter coat. Although I took her off of dex one week before the blood draw and I have been able to somewhat manage her. So have noticed the winter hair is falling out and she does not have as much of a dull coat.

I currently do have another mare that is IR and I but Alita on the same diet, thinking what the heck...

The blood was pulled last Saturday.

MN, Feb 2006

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Sorry,Joyce,meant to add that her G:I is 4.6,which puts her in the compensated IR category.

Not sure what to think about the coat,unless there are reasons other than PPID?

Or maybe results of 25 are too high for her,in this 'off-seasonal rise' time of year?
Or blood was mishandled,causing numbers to be lower than those of properly handled blood?

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Well everything came back normal, so why is she not shedding her winter coat?

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