mixing supplements


I currently measure/weigh and mix these ingredients into my morning buckets, over wet ODTB's, and into plastic containers to mix into the evening feeding:

mixture #1(Chancey--IR, hay only diet)

HT Phos 4
Mag Ox
Ca trace
a LITTLE extra Cu and Zn to balance my hay
ground stabilized flax seed
Acetly L-carnitine

mixture #2 (Spiral--non IR/PPID, but respiratory allergies, hay and pasture diet)

Ca trace
Diamond VXP yeast
ground stabilized flax seed

Their salt and Vit E are added to the bucket before I add the warm water to the ODTB's. Does anyone see a reason why I couldn't mix a weeks worth of these 2 mixes, separately, for my horse sitter when I go away for a week this summer? I'm afraid asking her to measure out all the ingredients on the gram scale might be a litte intimidating :). Thanks so much!!

Maggie and Chancey in VA
March 2011

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