Re: NOW: Strategy for Barn Change (OLD Help Have Lamini Gelding)

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Hi Linda,

 Assumed I'd have to trailer him but with double padded boots I walked him because within 24 hours of zero grass, his feet were cool and no pulses.
Yay, yay and YAY!

  Or I think I just need to be grateful for the wonderful new barn owner who tilled up a paddock and removed the grass for me.  He even fills my slowfeed haynets. Amazing.
You have found a treasure!!Does he like chocolate chip cookies??

I can't see his neck very well in the video wrt a crest, but he's sure handsome!And happy.

1) We just completed 3 weeks at new barn.  Is it too soon to retest Ins/Glucose? 
If you have the funds I would retest.

2) Has anyone tried buying a used centrifuge & pulling/spinning blood samples themselves?  I believe Cornell will accept the blood from owners. Am I crazy to try?
Not crazy.There are simple centrifuges out there.If you don't do that,you can offer to do the leg work yourself to cut down on the vet's charges a bit.You can pull the blood.You can freeze the vials overnight,package them up the next day and ship them off frozen to the lab.

3) Does everyone agree at least 6 months  from end of laminitis  to ride the recovered horse?
Yes. Can even be a year,depending on the situation.The severity of the situation will determine how long you need to wait.

4)Has anyone used the "Work 4 Feeder" to slow feed their hay?  (Does this need to posted to EC Horsekeeping"?)
There is tons of information on Horsekeeping about slow feeders,so yes,you should pursue this over there.Haven't heard of that one myself.

Good for you and Roo!!!

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