help with coat & more


We need some advice. Mill is looking bad tonight. She has small hard lumps on her back legs that look like insect bites. She has not finished her beet pulp and supplements the last two mornings and left most of it yesterday. Her coat is a mess and she is losing hair in patches on her shoulders and inside her hind legs. I don't know if it is due to the ongoing heat/humidity or would getting the ACTH closer to normal trigger this? Her coat has gotten a little long over the past few months and is slightly wavy on her chest. She is on 3mg of Pergolide and I wonder if we need to go higher still. Has there been any more discussion on the lack of potency?

In Cushing's horses does the coat continue to grow throughout the year or does the need for clipping arise from it not shedding out in the spring?

How late in the year can I clip without it affecting the winter coat?

I wonder if she could have super orbital fats pads. She never has before and tonight looks puffy. She wears a fly mask so I am looking at her face twice daily.

How quickly can the fat pads appear? Are they more likely to appear in an overweight horse compared to an under or normal weight one?

Sorry for all the questions but she looked so good in April with a shiny dappled coat and looks like a different horse now.

Jennifer & Mill in TN
Jan 2011

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