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Sugars won't re-enter the hay and/or when soaked. It's a bit of a myth that keeps making the rounds. I think it started when the original testing that was done way back when for soaking hay simply had the hay pulled out at the one hour and half hour marks to make the testing process standard.

Oh, this is really good news! So I don't have to be anal about how long my hay soaks then either?

You'd have to be using a very small amount of water for this to happen.

How much is a very small amount? Is it enough that the weighted down hay is just covered with water or does it have to be submerged by several inches or what?

I actually haven't seen any BP with molasses in it for several years around here. Guess I"m lucky! But yes, the pellets do have more molasses.
Both the pellets and shreds of the Standlee brand say they have molasses added but claim to have less than 10% sugars.

The one time I tried them, (and it took forever for them to soak apart), my guys couldn't get enough of them! Molasses.
Wouldn't you be able to soak/rinse that off? My guys do seem to love their BP which makes me suspicious that it is still too high in sugar despite my soaking and rinsing.

Diane MI

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