weight loss

Joyce/K-J Hollow Andalusians

My mare was diagnosed with IR a few years back. She did founder from it, but
has been wonderfully controlled and has been sound sense the diet change.
Up until this past year she has held her weight fine, but I have noticed
that she was loosing weight so I upped her BP and hay, and to be honest I
don't see much change. Her teeth are fine she is now 20.

Any suggestion? Do they lose weight with Cushings? Although I don't see any
outward signs of that. We have had a very hot summer, and bugs are bad.
She lives with a group of mares as far as hay feeding go, but comes in and
gets her BP feed 2x's a day. She gets a lot of BP at least one lb a day.
What about fat? Can I add that?

Never thought I would have this problem as few years back she was a porker.

Joyce & Ladina

MN, Feb 2006


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