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Joyce/K-J Hollow Andalusians

How much BP would you suggest a day as a starting point? What is the top end per feeding? Her teeth were checked at the end of May. She is the boss mare of the group (4 including her) so I feel certain she is getting enough hay. I feed a lot of hay, and this has keep her in good (IR) shape for all these years, not much BP or grain, just didn't need it.

Joyce & Ladina
MN, Feb 2006

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Since she is in a "herd" situation for hay, are you sure she's getting her share? And, 1# beet pulp is not alot for a full-size horse; I know it looks like a huge meal once soaked, but 1# is just not much for a full-size horse. And, although you say her teeth are fine, when were they last floated or looked at?
MT 9/04

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