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Joyce/K-J Hollow Andalusians

I have not retested her sense her last test many years ago as she has done very well all these years. Her feet are good. I no longer (and haven't in many year) had any outward sign of IR. She did have all the classic signs at one time.

I thought I had her case history up? Can someone email me over the form and I will fill it out.

I simply don't have the money right now to retest, as I just got done going through this with another mare. I wish this was all cheaper!


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My mare was diagnosed with IR a few years back. She did founder from it, but
has been wonderfully controlled and has been sound sense the diet change.
Do they lose weight with Cushings? Although I don't see any outward signs of that.
What about fat? Can I add that?
Hi Joyce,
Do you have a case history up for Ladina? All that's in her file is old blood tests and an old hay test. Her IR was not well controlled by the 2nd blood test - have you re-tested since? How are her feet? I would absolutely test for PPID at this point. We are starting to head into the seasonal rise, so the sooner you test, the better! Also re-test insulin, glucose as well as leptin (Cornell is the only lab that does this test). Worsening IR can cause weight loss, FYI. Do not feed fat - it can worsen IR. Let's nail down the diagnosis and go from there!
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Jan. 2004
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