Please help....

Kimberly Simmons

I have a 7 year old Morgan mar, Eclipse, heavy with Old Government lines. She looks like the classic IR horse, is overweight on just moderate pasture and 1 lb. Poulin MVP a day. I am purchasing a "Breathe Easy" break away grazing muzzle as she kept busting through the fence when we put her in the dry paddock.

Her Insulin and glucose were both in normal range- blood was taken fasting. I did not give her chaste tree berry the night before. I just did her I/G ratio and it came up 4.7. I am trying to get her daily exercise, but not on high heat/humidity days (and this year we have too many!)

My vet has recommended Thyro-L and I would like some opinions on this as well as any other helpful advice you all can give. Eclipse also has a small (2-3mm) cloudy 'ball' in her right eye and some cloudiness in her left. Is this related to Metabolic syndrome at all? (humans can get eye issues- that is why i ask).

Thank you!

Kim in NH

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