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Mandy Woods

Hi Kim,
Welcome to the group. Your mare is most likely Insulin Resistant even with blood in the ''normal range''. This is because she was fasted, giving you a false positive. We recommend feeding only soaked/drained grass hay the night before and the morning of the draw. If the draw is in the afternoon, feed her soaked/drained hay an hour or two before the vet comes. Horses are not made to fast.

You need to put her on the Temporary Emergency Diet to night. This is remove from pasture 100%. Use a sealed shut muzzle if you're letting her out on grass. Weigh your mare and then feed 1.5% her body weight in dry hay. You need to make a trip to Walmart to purchase a set of hanging scales in the sports department (fish scales). In the pharmacy, pick up a bottle of Vitamin E 400iu's natural gel caps. This will replace the E missing from fresh grass. Get a bottle of magnesium oxide and feed 1.5 grams/500#. Get several round boxes of loose iodized table salt and a bag of freshly ground flax seed. Feed 2 TBS of salt a day in her bucket feed. Feed 2 oz a day of flax seed in her bucket. This has the good Omega 3's that are missing from grass. For your carrier for these minerals you can use rinsed/ soaked/rinsed plain shredded beet pulp. "Cook'' up a dry pound and start her on it slowly. There is a Picky Eater file if you have difficulty. Your goal will be to have your hay analyzed and minerals balanced to that. Start your search for low sugar/starch hay! Do not feed her any grains, no supplements, no red salt blocks (she can have a white one in her stall to play with), no Redman Salt/Himalayan salt. These are full of iron and unknown amounts of minerals, No apples, carrots or cookies either. Divide her total feed into 4 smaller meals and give 5-6 hours apart. Look in the Start Here file if you have questions.

For her drylot paddock : many people here have resorted to electric wire inside the paddock. That’s usually what works! Be sure her muzzle is sealed shut, even the sides. Horses become very creative when they are challenged.

Thryo-L is ok for short term. Taper on and taper off. You'll find that when you get her diet balanced, you will likely see her sluggish thyroid gland kick in.

Trim should be a balanced foot with heels lowered and toes backed. If she has foot soreness you can put boots/pads on her.
EXERCISE is the best IR buster! IF she's sound riding her or driving her is a great way to burn off calories and get her metabolism rate up.

These are the DDT/E's we speak of. IF you do them all, you will see improvement! Please keep reading the files and look at Lots of good information for you.

If you join ECH5, where we store our medial files, fill out the questionaire so the gurus can see the big picture of your mare. Here's the link.. .

Kim, this is all doable. We'll help.

Mandy in VA
EC Primary Response

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