Re: blood tests advice needed.

Nancy C

Hi Deb

You can find the specifics and references of blood work needs here. Might want to print for your vet.


The group recommends Cornell. They have a break on shipping from regular FedEx prices if your vet pre-orders the labels.

Go here


Look for

Discounted Prepaid Courier Labels

You are right. It would be good to have more info. If it's in the finances, I'd get the ACTH/Insulin/Leptin assay ($60.00)


and a Glucose ($8.00)


here's the link to your Case History.


If you can include it in your posts your hard working volunteers will be eternally grateful!

If he's too skinny, he's not getting enough from the hay and what ever pasture you have. (Insulin 12.83) To get to your desired weight of 750, Cory needs 15 pounds of total food intake. He's probably being under fed now.

Hope this helps.

Nancy C in NH
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Hi all-- I have just uploaded a history of my 22 year old Welsh pony, Cory. He was diagnosed in June with Cushings and has been on one gram of Pergolide since then.

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