Re: blood tests advice needed.

Nancy C

Yes, that would work I think. Four hours from his breakfast but while on hay and turn out. It should give you an accurate read of what he's eating.

Just so you know, the grass, even with a muzzle, will likely drive up the insulin. The group usually recommends having the munch on low ESC&Starch hay to see where they are on that intake. You should see how his muzzled turn out affects him if that is your goal. Leptin will add more information.

As you've seen you want to stay away from fasting.

And you are very welcome Deb.

Nancy C in NH
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Would it be wrong to allow Cory to have his normal morning routine (starting at 7 a.m. one cup of Purina Welsolve L/S, one leaf of unsoaked hay followed by 2 hours of muzzled turnout)and then have the vet pull blood at 11 a.m.? I am thinking this would give a more realistic idea of his insulin resistance.

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