Update: Dawn doing not bad at all :-)

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Dawn is doing much better! She is now on 13mgs (just started that dosage 2 days ago). Also want to report not really tapering as I need to bring the dosage up fast. Dawn is a little jumpy and wanders away from her "lunch" occasionally but this is all I see of veil. I'm sure she is still having issues with hunger as she trotted (and looked sound to me on soft ground!) up to the barn for her last lunch at this particular boarding stable.

Her feet seem to be fantastic. She was lead about a half mile down a paved road to her new home. I put her boots and pads on but the front ones fell off (my fault as it was raining and I ran out of time to dry her feet before applying the tape so it didn't stick very well). I am thrilled to report she walked out amazingly. No gimping even on stoney driveways. All is not perfect as she is still a little sore on that right hind though. Regardless, I am thrilled to say she is doing very well. In a few more weeks we will get another ACTH Test and see if the ACTH is as controlled as hoped.

FYI: Recently she went from
April 2012 - Dosage of 8mgs of compounded pergo and ACTH of 43.2 pmol/L (Ref 2-10 pmol/L)
July 2012 - Dosage of 11mgs of compounded pergo and ACTH of 35 pmol/L (ref 2-10pmol/L)

So lets see what 13mgs controls in August!
Oh and I have never had her settle in so fast. Dawn never called for her old herd once and seemed to really enjoy the walk over. She went in her new stall and started eating her wet cubes right away. We put the other two horses in the barn too and all was great - the horse she doesn't know was right beside her (there is a a barred window between the stalls) and there was only minor squealing and no kicking that we saw. I'll head to the barn in a few minutes to put them out together but since she already knows one horse from previous boarding stable and spent the night right beside (with window) the new 28 year old mare, this probably will go very well.

-LeeAnne & Dawn, Newmarket, Ont PPID & IR 03/2004
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