Powder Pergolide versus Prascend

Saucier Kathy

I hesitated to send this info in because the horse does not have a case
history on this group nor do the owner or the trainer want to join this
group. But thought the info was interesting and just wanted to add it to
info coming in on the comparison of the meds.

The horse is a 6 year old mare diagnosed by another test that I don't know
the name of but is not the eACTH or Dex Sup.

All I know is they said positive.

We had our doubts that the test was accurate especially given her age, but
early this summer she had not shed out. She had foot soreness since last
witner but with the RISQU (hope I got those letters right) test, she was not
IR. I do not know if there were any other symptoms.

She was on 1 mg of powder Pergolide through Smart Pak since early spring.

This summer they switched to 1 mg Prascend.

Immediate turn around. She began to shed out (months after all other
horses) and she became sound and moving well for the first time this year.

I'm sorry this doesn't follow our normal protocol for case histories but I
have no control over it. But wanted to share the info especially for those
who are concerned about Prascend.

Kathy Saucier


Jan 2005 (no longer have a C's or IR horse myself)

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