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My concern is that I have heard the Prascend can't really be broken up and my choice would be 1mg or 2mg. Is this true?
I have also heard about reducing dosage when going to Prascend, but at this time of year would I dare to reduce to 1mg?
Also no capsule form only tablet? I've been feeding the capsule in a handful of low carb feed for many years with no issues. Have horses been eating the tablet as well?
Not only am I concerned about the changing to Prascend at this time of year but the pricing too. I'm guessing that my cost might double???
Hi Erin,
Well that stinks - why fix it if it ain't broke? Unfortunately, yes the cost is quite a bit higher for the Prascend vs compounded pergolide. Definiely would not drop the dose at this time of year, esp when changing the form of the drug. Prascend is still pergolide and most of the anecdotal evidence says it is not any more effective than the compounded CAPSULES (liquid, powder are known to have potency and shelf-life issues).
It is only available as small 1mg tablets, which can broken in half but says not to crush so your dose would probably need to go up to 2mg. There haven't been any reports that it is any harder to get them to eat the tiny pill than the capsules.
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