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Has this group encountered cases of high insulin triggered by a disease process or condition other than IR and PPID?
Lavinia and all,

I will bump this up again to see if anyone has any knowledge of any particular disorder or disease process or organ issues that might contribute to insulin being high (and continuing to climb) despite measures to diagnose and address PPID & IR.

I am thinking specifically of Alison's Diesel, who is experiencing a steady climb in his insulin levels despite a good eACTH and what would seem to be well-controlled IR. He has no observable signs of IR (no hard neck crest, fat pads, puffy sheath, etc.) but he continues to be sore, off and on. His diet is tightly controlled and his comfort is always seen to--boots, fans, etc. Alison has been really careful to follow protocol with his blood draws, and his trims are not always perfect, but they are MUCH improved and she really stays on top of them.

I apologize for not linking to his case history (Alison, Diesel, TX) but he recently underwent a second eye cancer surgery and cisplatin treatment, which I think Dr. K thought might possibly have some bearing on his condition.

So, to summarize, are there any known specific conditions or organ dysfunctions that would cause insulin to continue to rise if ACTH and glucose appear to be well controlled and the horse is on a tight diet, with a good trim?

Lisa in TX
Pookey Bear
June 2010

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