Blood test results after Metformin

Lisa Toms

Hi all,

Please can you offer some advice. Bonnie's GI ratio before the Metformin was 0.76. I started the Metformin on the 5th July and stopped 3rd August @ 15000mg twice a day. My vet arranged blood tests the day I took her off the Metformin and the GI Ratio is now 0.90.

Am I crazy to think that the Metformin should have brought her GI Ratio up by a lot more than that??

A) Should I have continued for longer??
B) There are odd bits of grass that sneakily pop up in the sand paddock every now and again because of the rain, would that really keep her GI Ratio so low.
C) I also feed Bonnie 200g Alfalfa (Lucerne) so that she will eat her vitamin and minerals with the speedi-beet

Thanks so much for any advice, I am a bit stumped on where I am going wrong...

Lisa & Bonnie | S.Africa | June 2012

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