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Lisa S

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Diesel has had steadily increasing pulses each of the last 3 days... wondering what other weapons I can add to the arsenal, even if I did have $$?


I will throw a few ideas out here--wish I could do more!

1) Is it possible that your hay could be high enough in s/s that soaking it is reducing the sugars, but not enough? I have some bales of last years' hay that Zippy (IR) has been eating with no apparent ill effect--you are welcome to come get a few. The hay was not tested (like Pookey Bear's!) but I fed it to Zippy (soaked) all winter.

2) Has he been out of the Soft Rides enough that he might be telling you he needs the cushion/angle afforded by the Soft Rides? I know you have broken the bank for new boots--but could you duct tape the Soft Rides on when he is not being soaked? Or, if they are being repaired, could you just duct tape the inserts on his feet, somehow?

3) Is there any possibility that anyone in the neighborhood could be feeding him anything while you are gone? I doubt it--and don't want to make you paranoid--just casting about wildly for an explanation! Does he ever seem better after the weekends, or not necessarily?

To all: Alison does a fabulous job providing excellent care for Diesel on very limited resources but like so many of us, she is fatiguing--it can be so hard when we are doing EVERYTHING we can and our horses don't seem to be responding!

Lisa in TX
Pookey Bear
June 2010

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