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Ok so if I understand the following correctly there IS actually a chance that such a high level of WSC in hay could cause laminitis?

"It tells us 1 g/kg, or 500 g (17.6 ounces) for a 500 kg horse does not cause
laminitis. If that horse was eating 10 kg/day of hay this would amount to a 5%
difference between WSC and ESC, e.g. WSC 13%, ESC 7%.

At 5 g/kg, 2500 g or 2.5 kg for a 500 kg horse, it would be a 25% difference
between WSC and ESC for a horse eating 10 kg of hay, or WSC 32%, ESC 7%. That's
a very, very high WSC and it produced laminitis in 37.5% of horses in that
study. This is a lower dose than Pollitt used but still much, much higher than
what we typically see."

If they had tested 24% WSC like what's in this hay, it might have given say 25% of the horses laminitis. We don't know for sure what the safe amount is. And my horse could be one of those who are sensitive to fructan.

I feel like I'm feeding him poison. :(

Just been to a farm to collect samples of new hay. He had a few bales of hay from last year he could sell me while I wait for the results of the analysis. He didn't have a sugar analysis but said he'd sold some of it to a laminitic and that horse had been ok on it.

What do you think?? I KNOW this hay is dreadful, should I chance it and buy some of the last year's hay while I wait for a new analysis? They can hardly be worse than what I've got....

The only hays I've found with a sugar analysis is wet haylage which I'm not keen on feeding, plus I don't know how they've taken the samples.

March 2011

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I'll try to upload the new report!


You can also make use of the Archives to review some of the many fructan discussions we've had here.

Here is one message from Dr. Kellon that might help.


There are many more.I just typed in WSC Kellon. Fructans Kellon would work,too.

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