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ECIR Files Table of Contents:

To help members quickly find information in the files, the ECIR Group has posted a search-and-click Table of Contents (TOC) at, or near, the top of each of the Files sections in the ECIR groups.

The TOC is a listing of all documents in the all ECIR Groups so contents of folders can be viewed without you having to open folders. It is up-dated at least monthly. Case Histories, Hay Analysis, Member Work Sheets and Photos excluded.

Links to the files can only be made to folders, so after clicking you'll have to scroll to open specific document.

File inquiries, comments, suggestions and reports of broken links or missing documents can be sent to LeeAnne at ThePitchforkPrincess <at> gmail <dot> com or posted in the ECIR Group.

Most worksheets and files are in Microsoft Excel format. A free reader is available at

Many of the ECIR Groups' files are in PDF format requiring Adobe Reader to view them. A free version is available at

If you have difficulty opening files, contact

Thank you for your cooperation.

Owners, Moderators & Primary Response Teams of the Equine Cushings Lists

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