Re: Fionn's results

Lavinia <dnlf@...>

ACTH 88.1
Insulin 25.13
Cortisol 4.13
Case history:
Hi Michelle,
What this means is that Fionn is clearly PPID. I'm assuming there were no glucose or leptin tests done? Cortisol doesn't tell us anything. As we are heading into the seasonal rise, his ACTH will be rising from there so good that the pergolide was started. Are you tapering onto the full prescribed dose? The currently uncontrolled PPID is probably driving some of the IR.
What is the amount of pergolide in (mg) that was prescribed? The cc is only a volume measure and doesn't tell you what the actual drug dose is. Also, liquid pergolide is the least stable/most expensive form of compunded pergolide available so I would encourage you to get a script for the capsule form instead.
Although the insulin is within the lab's normal range, it is still elevated and makes Fionn definitely IR. Is he still being allowed restricted grazing time? Diet needs to be tight, esp with the foot issues he has been showing. Remove the brown salt block, the Equiforce Omega Tri supplement (use ground flax instead). How much Alam is he currently on? Could also use some current body pics to assess his body condition score.
Know you've been working with Linda on the hoof issues so you have input on where the trim needs to go.

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