Re: Oh no, extremely high wsc! Would you feed this?


Hi Jainie,
I have been soaking it, so yes, he's getting sore from it when soaked.

There's not much of last year's hay to be had I'm afraid. This neighbour that I saw today had just a little bit left. Plus there's no analysis, only know that he had sold of it to other laminitics. But I'm going over there to get a couple of weeks worth anyway, must have something to feed.... But I'm thinking of replacing a couple of kilos of hay with Kwikbeet, that's a good idea right? Horse is not overly fond of it but hopefully he'll eat it if hungry.

The farmer had new hay drying in the barn too so I took samples from that (no use sampling last year's as it's so few bales left, it'll be eaten before I get the results). It was all loose so could only get from the top and sides, but took from various places. It was cut mid July so hopefully will not have as much sugar since it was warmer. If it's ok I'll buy it, but I won't know until I get results, which takes about two weeks.

What do you think about haylage? Do or don't for our horses?
It's a vet who is selling it and it comes with quality guarantee. I prefer hay though, but imagine only 6.5% sugar per kg DM. Have emailed asking how the sample is taken. It's far away (6 hours) so I have no opportunity so inspect or take my own samples, and will have to buy a lorry full for it to be worth the transport costs.

March 2011

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